Loss making gala print events on hold until ’24

Jun 08, 2023 at 01:32 am by admin

Australia’s gala National Print Awards and related events are ‘on hold’ while organisers PVCA rebrand and complete a strategic review.

However, the relatively-new Real Media Awards will take place as usual.

Industry publication Print21 has reported that both the National Print Awards – a national institution for the printing industry – and the state-based PICAs are being paused this year, with Kelly Northwood – who is chief executive of both PVCA and the Real Media Collective – promising a review and the return of both competitions “in a new improved format” next year.

Work completed in 2023 will be added to that in next year’s competitions.

Somewhat cryptically, Northwood said there would be awards in the future, wiothout specifying what form they would take: “They will be better than they ever have been, and they will be reflective of our industry’s excellence in a modern era,” she added.

“For the past six years of the awards – both PICAs and NPAs – the association has lost significant money delivering an awards programme with on again, off again limitations due to COVID-19. Every single member dollar is valued, and we are pushing a clear mandate to remain focussed on programmes that deliver great outcomes without burden to the funding of other programmes.

“That said, it is absolutely accepted, and a firm future commitment, that the association will deliver an awards programme to recognise excellence across our industry.”

The review will also consider “strong member feedback” from 2022, with both categories and the approach of the awards to be reconsidered.

PICAs and the National Print Awards were both handed to a Visual Industries Events joint venture two years ago, managed by Visual Connections, but has faced problems with fewer entries and lower attendance.

The Real Media Awards will take place later this year in Melbourne.

Pictured: National Print Awards winners pose for a group picture

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