Teamwork brings commercial web to Amman

Dec 19, 2023 at 12:00 pm by admin

An M600 commercial press has made the 7000 km trip from Thailand to Jordan in what is being called a “logistical masterpiece”.

International and regional teams from manroland Goss Web Systems, coordinated from Singapore, worked to relocate the Goss M600 to the family-owned Al Noor Printing Press in Amman.

Established by Saeed Al Abbasi in 1979, the company prints school textbooks, among other products.

The commissioning of Al Noor’s first web-offset press and their first MGWS product – brokered by new sales and service partner for Jordan and Palestine Graphic Supplies Co – also opens up “promising prospects for further cooperation”, the companies say.

In a complex logistical process, the used Goss M600 was carefully dismantled, transported and reassembled at the customer's premises.

Al Noor executive director Osama Al Abbasi is positive about the opportunities presented:

“The Goss M600 is a printing press that impresses with outstanding quality and a high degree of automation,” he said. “Thanks to the web-fed technology, we can now significantly improve our printing performance and are excited about the increase in print possibilities.”

Weehong Soon of manroland Goss Singapore says the teamwork was excellent: “The process from sales and dismantling to installation and commissioning was handled by the same group, which enabled us to implement the project smoothly.

“As a result, the customer was able to operate their machine at top quality in the shortest possible time.”

Pictured (from left) are MGWS service manager Patrick Wendelberger, Osama Al Abbasi, MGWS international sales and service DVP Andreas Eichhorn, Weehong Soon, and print instructor John Shaw


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