Patterns with pix as tool automates effects

May 26, 2022 at 07:09 pm by admin

Mosaics and picture-in-picture mugshots are among the automatic effects from a new production tool.

Atex’s new Matik image collage tool allows users of its Desk production system to quickly combine pictures for digital and print.

From combining two images side by side, and superimposing text upon a picture, to more exotic effects such as multi-shot mosaics, and colour and grayscale effects, the tool automates the process using templates or freestyle.

It is integrated with Atex’s Frontpage home page editor, delivering while-you-wait teasers with the right image size already selected.

And of course, picture in picture effects such as headshot of a speaker on top of an image of their audience. Expect to see more of these.

Sections: Digital technology


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