Latest automation upgrade boosts Colora quality, economy

Aug 06, 2023 at 12:49 pm by admin

Good results from investments in press control over two decades have led a Slovenian newspaper printer to a further upgrade.

A colour and cut-off register control upgrade on the KBA Colora at Salomon Print in Ljubljana Polje has just been commissioned, with results cementing a relationship that goes back to 2017 and beyond.

That’s when QI Press Controls installed its mRC-3D register automation on a manroland Rotoman heatset press, partner company EAE having installed the press control solutions on the Colora in 2001.

Last year, an EAE control upgrade again showed the quality and cost reduction benefits of the state-of the art systems through decreased production-run times and the increased end-product quality of those production runs.

Saloman service department manager Aleš Trček said the latest colour automation upgrade involved replacement of the colour register system and installation of cut-off and sidelay register, aiming to improve quality, reduce waste and lower the workload of the press operators.

“Initial planning showed the decrease in start-up time and waste copies would give a ROI of less than a year, and a guarantee on the maximum start-up waste made the purchase decision even more easy.”

A “highly satisfactory” commissioning process was stress free: “Initial measurements show that the system is capable of extreme speed and accuracy. It achieves register lock within five to ten cylinder revolutions, and full register control within 70-100 copies,” says Trček. “Performance is far beyond expectation.

“It took our press operators only one working day to switch to the new system and use it to its full potential. And as the newly installed cameras can also accommodate future upgrade to inline colour density control, the system is ready for possible expansion.”

Salomon prints high-circulation daily and regional newspapers, magazines, commercial catalogues, leaflets and brochures. They have more than 200 clients, 70 per cent of which are loyal customers.

Pictured: Aleš Trček and QIPC senior service engineer Adeil Airaki with the commissioning report


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