Take care with transport to avoid expensive paper damage

May 15, 2024 at 09:50 am by admin

With newsprint increasingly expensive – not to say heavy and easily damaged – a webinar has emphasized careful handling of the commodity that accounts for more than half of print costs.

A new summary of handling recommendations was prepared by HGK Logistics’ Hendryk Mackowiak for the webinar, organized by the World Printers Forum with OPHAL (an acronym for optimised paper handling and logistics, the cross-industry collaborative project of paper suppliers, transporters and printers).

Protruding nails or bolt heads could damage the reels. (Photo OPHAL)


Mackowiak stresses the potential for damage during road transport, and the importance of well-maintained and properly-equipped vehicles. “Drivers should also train for safe, fuel-efficient and defensive driving,” he said.

Cargo spaces must be completely watertight, and vehicles preferably equipped with Joloda system and hole bars for fixing iron wedges.

He suggests inspection of the truck floor, walls, curtains and doors. Lashing points should be not more than 600 mm apart, edge protectors fitted, and sling belts used for tightening vertically-loaded reels together. “Belts must be inspected every time before use, and any torn, partly broken, or oily belts unable to meet the rated strength must be rejected,” says Mackowiak.

Hylte Paper sales manager Martin Gercke added the importance of minimising environmental impact: “Customers are now demanding a low carbon footprint in transportation,” he said. “Load planning is equally important because it can help with the efficient use of space and reduce empty loads, thereby contributing to an efficient supply chain.”


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