Two more triple-wide CT orders make 15 for press maker KBA

Sep 14, 2010 at 08:31 pm by Staff

KBA has sold another compact triple-wide Commander CT press to a regional newspaper in Germany.

Mittelrhein-Verlag in Koblenz is to install a four-tower CT with two folders - capable of up to 96 pages, all in colour -in 2012.

It will be the fifth installation of its type in Germany and the 14th worldwide. A further press has been booked by a publisher in Austria.

KBA says that of the 82 towers ordered to date, 39 are double-width and 43 triple-width, some of the latter incorporating heatset dryers for semicommercial printing.

Mittelrhein-Verlag managing director Dr Thomas Rochel says that if printed regional daily titles offer a local focus, first-class news coverage and an attractive product, while at the same time reining in costs, "they will thrive".

The 6/2 Commander CT will deliver dramatic gains in cost efficiency, print quality and production flexibility, materially enhancing the long-term competitiveness of our printed titles in the media arena." 

The 200,000-circulation flagship, 'Rhein-Zeitung' is published in 16 editions covering the wider Koblenz area from Westerwald to Hunsrück and from the Eifel to the Taunus. On workdays the newspaper reaches 640,000 readers.

While the printed edition remains the media group's core product and economic backbone, in 1995 the company established a Rhein-Zeitung website in order to reach younger readers. It was also the first German daily to set up an online service with its own editorial office.

The press is configured in the 'Rhine format' with a maximum web width of 2100mm and a 510 mm cut-off. It will be rated for up to 90,000 cph, and is expected to print up to 1.9 million copies a week. Facilities include the ability to select 5/12, 7/12 and 11/12 ribbons for spadias.

• Helping with the laying of a foundation stone for the new printing plant are Rochel, district administrator Alexander Saftig, MRV associate Olaf Theisen, minister-president Kurt Beck, publisher Walterpeter Twer and MRV associate Thorn Twer. Photo: Kevin Rühle 


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